Engagement Model

Our modern display showroom and expert designers are well equipped to design a room/multiple rooms, kitchens or wardrobes best suited to your need and budget. We are conscious of value of ‘time’ in this age and using our thoughtfully developed IT systems and proprietary software, our designers will help you make a quick and well informed decision. You can even design your own kitchen in our studio and also watch your furniture, kitchen or wardrobe being made step by step.

Our layered service offerings gives you complete flexibility in choosing what is right for you, based on your need. While each offering differs in its scope, what is common is our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency and customer service.

Fabrication and installation only-This is suitable for those who have already got their rooms, kitchen/wardobe design finalized and are now looking for a quality fabricator to turn that dream into reality. We will be happy to assist you and provide cost estimate without any charge.

Design, Fabrication and installation with no civil work – You have a space with complete civil work like tiles, flooring, plumbing, electricals etc already done, and are now looking to convert that into a furnished room, quality kitchen. We will be happy to do the job for you, and even take care of counter tops and kitchen appliances, if you so desire

Step1- Understanding your need

Our simple engagement model starts with an initial consultation which includes-

  1. Initial discussion to understand your requirement and style preferences.
  2. Site visit of your property by our experts.
  3. Developing design concepts and follow-up discussion
  4. Formal proposal

This initial consultation has no other obligation, should you choose not to go ahead

Step2- Manual agreement

If you decide to commission your project, which we will be delighted to undertake, the next step would include-

  1. Any further discussions, and/or design changes, should you so desire
  2. Project docket for your sign-off, comprising
    • a)Complete design details (computer generated 3-D perspective, floor plans, elevations)
    • b)Detailed part list
    • c)Detailed statement of work and proposal.

Step 3 – Delivery and installation

Once your furniture, kitchen or wardrobe is ready for delivery, we will invite you for pre-delivery inspection, if required by you. Based on your site readiness, our dispatch team will then coordinate with you for delivery. A team of trained staff will install the furniture or do the cabinetry work as required. Once countertops and appliances are in place, we will revisit for fine tuning and final touches