Wide variety to suit every need and taste…

Unlike many other vendors, we offer multiple choices in carcass material ranging from marine grade boiling water proof plywood to MDF

Modern designs and precision German technology

Our kitchen products offer you best of both worlds – modern designs and precision German technology of the west, adapted and customised to suit Indian lifestyle and needs. This becomes important in Indian context because of wide climactic fluctuations (temperature, humidity) and wet kitchens (unlike west). For e.g. our carcass is made of superior quality plywood giving it un-matched durability andstrength as compared to other materials.

With over 100 front panel designs to choose from, ranging from high gloss PU finishes to wood, laminates, membrane, acrylic and glass, you are sure to find one suiting your taste.

Moreover, our in-house manufacturing gives us great flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements, thus creating a kitchen truly as per your need.